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Dales Pony stallion, Colliery Alick, with handler, Roger Cleverly, Grand Champion, Mountain & Moorland Pony at the West Coast Connemara Show, Brookside, CA, September 2007

Welcome to the Roger Cleverly: Equestrian Training Home Page.

We can help you in a variety of equestrian disciplines. Our specialty is Carriage Driving, and we can also provide training in English equitation, Hunters and Jumpers. We train all shapes and sizes for driving; Miniatures Horses, Ponies, Horses and Drafts, and we offer driver training for beginners and coaching for experienced competitors.

The Trainer: Roger Cleverly. Trains Horses, Ponies and Minis for Carriage Driving, and drivers for both recreational and competitive driving. He also trains English equitation, Hunters and Jumpers. Thoroughbreds and British Mountain & Moorland ponies are a specialty as Roger is from Britain, and was a jockey and amateur assistant in a racing yard for 13 years. Roger is now a well known competitor in carriage driving competitions, particularly with Davidson Dales Stud’s Dales Pony stallion, Colliery Alick and, more recently, a pair of 11 hand Welsh ponies, known as 'The Welsh Hooligans.'

Our Training Center is located near Oakdale, in the Central Valley of California. The ranch has been configured for carriage driving and has a round pen, a fenced training arena, a full size driven dressage court, three cross country hazards and a 3/4 mile marathon training track. We can take animals for intensive training and conditioning. We also have well mannered animals for training drivers in the fine art of carriage driving. We travel for clinics, and can work at your boarding barn or home facility. Currently, we have clients in locations from Merced to Elk Grove in the Central Valley, and in many parts of the North, East and South Bay areas. Please browse the site via the navigation buttons. For example, to view biographies of our trainer, please click on the ‘Trainers’ button. Our approach is described on ‘Training philosophies’. The ‘Event Calendar’ lists activities at our barn and competitions in which Roger or his clients will be taking part. The ‘Photo Gallery’ contains many pictures of students, both human and equine, and Shows we have attended. The ‘Contact Us’ button lists mail, e-mail and phone numbers.

Whatever your particular interest, we look forward to helping you enjoy the equestrian experience.

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